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With just $1 a day, this gift goes a long way to making an impact in a child’s life. Your donations help us to achieve the goals of taking these children back to school and getting them reunited with their families. You can make a charitable donation to Hossana Children’s Outreach by clicking on one of the links below.


Make a donation through Venmo through the button below. Account name is @fkayser.

Mission Enablers International

Make a donation through MEI through the button below. Designate the recipient as: Ted & Fridah Kayser (FK3922).

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The Joy of Dedicated Giving

We sometimes wonder what to think about our world today, and what role the Hossana Children’s Outreach ministry network plays in it. With so much going on in the world, one fears that the world is falling apart. This is a challenge for us to work harder and accomplish more; but we can only do this work with you! You are the heart and the soul of Hosanna Children’s Outreach Ministry. We work for you, because without you, we can’t do a thing.

Our commitment is to being an accountable financial steward making it possible for the ministry to achieve realistic results with proven efficiency. Please join us. We urgently need sponsors and donors for the children, to build a children’s center, provide educational fees and materials, and specialized team members. 

Sponsor a Child Volunteer

With you, we can and will save lives for eternity!

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Sponsor a Child

You can save lives and make a difference!

Profound & lasting impact

By sponsoring a child in need, you have a profound and lasting impact on their life and give them opportunities they may never have otherwise. You contribute to their education, healthcare, and basic needs, and give them a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Foster positive change

You enable your child to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to their society. Education not only enhances his or her individual prospects but also fosters positive change on a larger scale and creates a positive ripple effect that can lift entire communities out of poverty.

Improve health & well-being

With your sponsorship, you provide your child with regular medical check-ups, vaccinations, nutritious meals, and access to clean water. Improving their health and well-being is key to having a brighter future.

Form a personal connection

You form a personal connection with a young individual who will benefit tremendously from your support. You will witness their progress, hear their stories, and see the positive impact you have on their lives.

Provide the support they need

At the end of the day, sponsoring a poor child is a transformative act of compassion and social responsibility. You give them the support they need; their chance to escape the hardships of poverty and build a better future.

Improve family & community

The impact you create through sponsorship extends far beyond the life of a single child, and improves their family and community, and potentially generations to come.

Your Support Matters

we thank you!

It is only by the generous support and donations for Hosanna Children’s Outreach that we can serve hundreds of children in Kampala, Uganda, and its suburbs. Without you, these children would be alone, on the streets, not receiving the education, healthcare or love they deserve. 

When you donate to the Hossana Children’s Outreach ministry you get:

  • Assurance that your money will go to the children in need and with our transparent pledge to be financially accountable.
  • The opportunity to be a blessing in the life of these vulnerable children.

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Because of you, these children can be alive, safe and have an education.

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