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Hossana Children’s Outreach

Sharing Love & Hope

Hossana Children’s Outreach is a Christian based non-denomination ministry founded in 2018 with the aim of reaching out to the homeless and vulnerable children in Kampala and its suburbs. Its goal is to share the love and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ through providing psychological, social, and physical needs with a possibility to reconcile these children with their families. The ministry was established to offer compassionate care, help children to a better and productive life ahead by providing them with training in life skills.

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Our Mission

To rescue children from the streets and create measures for a better life through advocating and mobilizing resources to address the challenges facing children to enable them to realize their full potential through promoting programs on education, health care, recreational skills, social security, Christian mentoring, Bible literacy, and moral support.

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What We Do

Every week we feed children ranging between 70 -120 in number two times a week, treating minor cuts and grazes, taking the sick children to a nearby clinic or hospital for treatment, providing clothes and restoring hope to the many orphans, vulnerable and abandoned homeless children.

Homeless Children’s Ministry

Hossana Children’s Outreach helps the street children of Kampala and outside suburbs with basic necessities, education, emotional support, and Christian mentoring.

Good News Club

We encourage the celebration of God’s love with the Good News Club (GNC)! Our Christian ministry visits with the village children in Kawempe and helps foster their relationship with God.

Helping Children is Our Passion

The ministry is concerned with street children who are scattered on the streets due to different circumstances ranging from loss of parents, parental abuse, poverty, alcoholism, traumas, youth rebellion etc. These children are vulnerable to social risks and hazards such as substance abuse, theft, prostitution, and human trafficking.

The homeless children we serve, ranging in age from 5 to 19 years old, see their situation as being hopeless. They roam the streets searching for means of survival by polishing shoes, begging, collecting scrap metals or bottles, etc. They spend their nights outside on the streets, verandas of the shops, under buses or wherever they can find rest.

We minister to the children through introducing Christian discipline for spiritual growth and transformation. Our passion is to help these children by redeeming young lives from trauma, feeding them simple meals two times a week, treating minor cuts and grazes, taking the sick children to a nearby clinic or hospital for treatment, providing clothes and restoring hope to these vulnerable and abandoned children.

We also teach God’s word and have counseling sessions where they can share their tragic stories. Our prayer is that they will experience better lives and become responsible citizens. The number of children that attend the weekly program ranges between 100-150. 

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The Ministry Team

Ted & Fridah Kayser – Directors

Fridah has always had a soft heart for homeless and vulnerable children. Having come from a humble background and losing a father at a very tender age, Fridah has experienced suffering and a hard life from a very young age. With so many homeless children on the streets of Kampala, her heart always broke seeing the suffering and vulnerability of these kids. In 2018 she joined her two friends to reach these children by providing a meal and teach Bible stories of hope and encouragement. Her two friends left Uganda when Covid hit the world. In December 2021, the Lord put it on her heart to resume the ministry which has been growing ever since. Fridah is married to her beloved husband Ted and they both serve with the Hossana Children’s Outreach. 

Hossana Children’s Outreach Photo Gallery

Photos from our Good News Club and the Homeless Children’s Outreach

How You Can Help

Begin your journey helping the vulnerable children of Uganda! Volunteer with us or make a donation to assist us in achieving our mission.

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